Yoga at the Illawarra Folk Festival – join us for yoga for folk!

Dru Yoga – mornings Fri, Sat and Sun
Yoga for Kids – 12:45-1:15pm Fri
Yoga sessions are included in festival day/season passes and kids entry to the festival is free!

Dru Yoga at Global Green Venue –
Friday 16th 9-10am
Saturday 17th 8:30-9:30am
Sunday 18th 8-9am
Calling early risers, and anyone who’d like to experience the
immense benefits of yoga!
Connect body, mind and spirit with morning yoga to start the
festival day at your best.
Dru Yoga is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, and is for people of all
abilities fitness levels and ages. Come ye, come all!

Yoga for Kids at The Shed Venue –
Friday 16th 12:45-1:15pm
Yoga for Kids use story, creativity and fun. We use games, props, song, dance and lots more to make yoga fun and to create a colourful experience for kids. The session will be based on a theme/story and will include ages 3-10, and encourages adults to join in.


Spring into Yoga

Spring Yoga Term Starting next week –

Wednesday 15th October – Kids Yoga

Thursday 16th October – NEW Pre-natal Yoga; and Evening Dru Yoga

Click on the flyers below, or the webpage above (‘Kids Yoga’, ‘Open Yoga (Dru)’ or ‘Pre-natal Yoga’) for more info.

See you there!

Dru Evening Class

Open Yoga (Dru)

Dru Yoga Classes - Pre-natal

Pre-natal Yoga NEW Class

Kids Yoga Flyer

Kids Yoga

Celebrate Winter with Dru Yoga

canstockphoto18346780 editedYoga for Health and Wellbeing

Open Yoga Classes for all levels.
Heart-based, inclusive & flowing style.

Release tension, stress and anxiety.
Increase peace of mind and positivity,
core stability, strength & flexibility.

Energy balancing sequences, postures,
breathing, meditation and relaxation.


Thursdays 7:30-8:45pm
Thirroul Community Centre
Ocean Breeze Room

Contact Erika Steller for enquiries
0427 131 701

DRU registered teacher

Dru Yoga with Erika Steller May 2014

Term 2 of my Dru Yoga evening class begins to Tomorrow Wednesday the 7th of May, the first class of an 8 week term. Students are welcome to attend for a free trial class on the first or second week of term, and then decide if they would like to continue. A term payment or a four week pass can be arranged or casual attendance is welcome. Students can still join the class anytime throughout the term, though it is good to start closer to the beginning of term.

In each class we practice an energising activation, an Energy Block Release Sequence containing yoga postures; with focus on physical alignment, guided breathing and sometimes visualisations or affirmations; a focus posture or sequence, which we build on over the term; core strength, a short breathing or meditation practice and a full guided relaxation. Dru Yoga is particularly beneficial for relieving tension in the body, increasing physical health and energy levels, balancing and centring oneself, increasing a positive outlook and natural confidence, and improving emotional well-being. It works on the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.

Dru Yoga is a unique flowing and gentle, yet potent style of yoga. I teach with themes, where each term has a theme, and each class has a theme within the term theme. A Term theme could be ‘Less Stress’, ‘Balance’, ‘Seasons’ etc and may include classes with a focus on ‘the spine’, ‘the breath’, ‘well-being’, or ‘being present’ for example. Themes are designed to provide a guide for students if they wish to work with progressing with certain aspects of their physical, mental or emotional well-being or goals they may have, though this is not necessary – students are welcome to attend simply for the benefit of the practices themselves! Individual needs and levels are catered for within the classes.

This term we’ll be working with increasing a sense of ‘holistic Well-being’ – well-being on all levels. Our physical body – our anatomy and physiology – strength and flexibility, posture, spinal health, core strength, balance, optimal functioning of vital organs and systems and increased energy levels. Our breathing – for physical health, vitality and a sense of positivity and ‘presence’ within ourselves and our lives. Our emotional well-being – coping with stress, anxiety, low self esteem or lack of motivation and other emotions – turning negative thoughts and emotions into their positive counterparts for self-empowerment. It may be turning fear into courage, or anger into positive empowerment, or other shifts.  Increasing our positive thinking – creating healthy thoughts and a clear mind. Connecting with ones vision – clarity, purpose and direction in life – what you would like to move towards – increasing the things you’d like more of in your day to day life and letting go of the things you no longer need, or that decrease your energy levels or sense of well-being. Connecting with ones self, so that we are integrated with ourselves, our thoughts and our emotions, so that we are present in our body and in our environment; and in touch with our spirit. Connecting with that part of us that dreams of great things, that believes in ourselves enough to follow these dreams, and moving towards them with a real sense of our limitless potential. Increasing a natural sense of joy and peace in ones life, being present. Being connected to and grateful for what we already have and do, for those close to us, and for who we already are.

I hope to see you there!

With love, om shanti (peace),


Current Yoga Classes

Yoga for Kids Classes 5-10 years after school, ‘Moore St Yoga Room’, Austinmer

Dru Yoga – 0pen evening classes Revitalise your body, uplift your mind, centre yourself.
Austinmer Uniting Church ‘Youth Hall’


Mums and Bubs Yoga Classes taught by Loren Jackson
‘Little Branches Big Trees Studio’ Corrimal

For details on all classes see ‘Yoga Classes Page’

Kids Yoga and Yoga for Little Bears

Joyful, peacefulness, love, generosity, assertiveness, consideration, curiosity, fun, friendliness, honesty, patience, self-confidence, trust, wisdom…

Do these qualities, or ‘virtues’ sound good to you? Do they sound like ones you’d like for your children, and your family?

I am inspired by a new kids yoga book called Yoga for Little Bears by Monica Batiste. This book combines Monica’s gorgeous paintings of teddy bears doing yoga, with fun poetry, and information on the ‘virtues’, emotional intelligence and how to combine both of these fields with yoga for children.

Growing emotional intelligence is a popular subject for parents these days, that is, being sensitive to and aware of childrens emotions, so that they can learn to express and handle their emotions in healthy ways. This leads to well rounded children and emotionally secure adults.

The ‘virtues’ are qualities that we can use, or talk about with our children and families as a tool to grow these qualities in ourselves and our children. There are many virtues – 136 plus… If we say ‘That was very kind of you to sing a song to your sisiter when she was upset,’ we acknowledge the virtue of kindness in the child. We encourage this virtue allowing it to grow, by naming it and providing positive feedback to the child.

This term, I will be using this book, for my program for yoga for kids classes. For me, these teddies doing yoga are fun, and the poetry such as, ‘Strength and courage never part, Peace and love are in my heart’ (with the Fierce Teddy – or Warrior 2 Pose) are both fun and meaningful.

I hope the kids love this book and teddy yoga as much as I do!

Classes start this Wed 19th February 4-5pm at Moore st Yoga Room for 5-10 year olds.

For information on my yoga for kids classes, see ‘yoga classes’ page.

Kids Yoga Classes

Happy New Year Yoga Parents and Kids !

I would like to invite your children to join us for Term 1 of Kids Yoga. First class is on Wednesday the 19th of February with an 8 week term during the school term.

I am very excited to begin this new term, to see the kids, share more yoga and fun, inspiration and relaxation. I am very happy to say that the Rainbow Kids Yoga Certificate training I completed in June has been amazing and has given me a boost of enthusiasm for teaching kids yoga! I am also inspired by a new resource called Yoga for Little Bears and its incorporation of the ‘virtues’ and emotional intelligence research into its program.

Details for my Yoga for Kids classes are on the ‘Yoga Classes Page’.

I look forward to hearing from you for bookings (if you haven’t already booked your child/children’s place), to register your interest or if you have any questions. I will then let you know any further information and payment arrangements.

phone: 0427 131 701


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