Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Classes

Light Being Yoga’s Yoga and Mindfulness Classes for Children aged 5-10 years incorporate yoga through play, breathing, relaxation and mindfulness practices. Children build strength, flexibility, body awareness, focus, emotional regulation and self-esteem whilst having lots of fun!

Classes are held on Wednesday’s from 4-5pm at the Moore Street Yoga Room, Austinmer.

Book your child’s half price trial class within this school term (Term 3 2016), and receive 30% off your subsequent pass or term payment.

Click on ‘Yoga and Mindfulness for Children’ tab or scroll post below for pricing details.

Please contact me for more information, or to book your child’s place. Erika Steller or 0427 131 701.

These Yoga classes for children are long running and are well-loved by children as well as parents, who see the benefits in their children. I first began teaching these classes at the same time and location 4 years ago. A number of my students have stayed for 3 and 4 years.

I recently took a break and lived with my family for 8 months in Bali. I was lucky enough to spend 7 of those months teaching yoga and mindfulness voluntarily to over 90 students at the Green School, Bali. It was such an inspiration.

However, it is here in Austinmer, after school on Wednesdays that the seeds of my passion for teaching yoga to children were planted. I learned so much from the children I was teaching, and I still do, every class I teach. How to help children to utilise the wisdom of yoga in their lives was a challenge that became a deep interest and desire for me. How to get them to listen? How to get them to join in? How to get them to ‘want’ to learn yoga, breathing practices and relaxation? Whilst keeping it all fun? These are all things I have considered, experimented with, worked on and learned from. I have loved (and love) the process of finding ways that work, and seeing responses in learning and engagement from the children.

I am now super keen and excited and trained to teach a Children’s Mindfulness program within the yoga classes as well. It is especially designed for teaching children specifically to assist with attention and emotional regulation. It is another level of asking children to be still and quiet and to reflect, and to attend to the present moment. It is not easy! Not easy for us adults to do this (be in stillness and be ‘present’)!! But the response I have been having from children who have been attending classes since last term and learning the Mindfulness practices, has been so positive. It has shown me that the children feel and appreciate the benefits themselves. This is so motivating for me. I look forward to working with your children, and thank you to all the children I have had the privilege of teaching so far. I am truly grateful.




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